Tips For Using TikTok Influencers For A Great Purpose

Do you have any questions about whether or not your company is prepared for a TikTok influencer campaign? If you’ve previously dealt with influencers, this could be an excellent opportunity to capitalise on the viral streaming application’s success. TikTok has eclipsed LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to become the sixth biggest social media platform. It’s the top purchased application of 2020, yet it’s rapidly gaining traction in countries all around the globe. Whereas the application provides numerous chances for influencer marketing, this does necessitate a fresh attitude than Instagram or Facebook. Let’s look at who’s utilising TikTok to buy TikTok likes and determine if it’s an excellent fit for your company before we get into how and where to engage alongside influencers on the channel. Partnering with influencers to generate new, original content might be a terrific alternative for your business if identifying your intended market is now on TikTok. Let’s take a look at how to do it well.

Have A Definite Aim In Mind

You have to make sure that you’re establishing specific objectives from the start, just like you would with any other digital influencer engagement. Although there are many influencers with large audiences to pick from, make sure you select those who have appropriate audiences. That’s why it’s crucial to consider why you’re doing TikTok influencer advertising in the first place: is it to raise business awareness or increase sales? You might wish to target influencers with large followings if it’s the first. If that is the case, you should seek specialised, relatively well-known influencers but much more closely linked with a hyper-specific intended audience. You’ll be more inclined to see a return on investment from their devoted fans than from somebody with a large fanbase of various demographics (that don’t coincide with your own).

Remember To Follow The Rules

Don’t get us wrong: sponsored partnerships on TikTok may not be as evident as on various social networking sites; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to the same FTC rules. TikTok influencers must declare sponsorship by including prominent and visible wording that the video is paid or an advertisement. Make sure that you and the influencers you deal with are up to date on the current regulations by staying on top of evolving guidelines.

Make Use Of A Hashtag

Whether or not a general hashtag challenge is a component of the TikTok influencer marketing campaign, you must come up with a catchy hashtag to utilise alongside the paid videos. Why? Since they can boost your video’s engagement and create a strong impression upon viewers. Choosing the relevant hashtag combines science and creativity, so keep the following in mind before settling on one.

Finish Your Homework

First and foremost, research hashtags that have already proven successful for other businesses. So what is it about the hashtags which drew so much attention? Search for patterns and themes in a few samples to figure out what performs. The goal is to choose a hashtag that may be linked to your company but aren’t overly promotional. It’s a delicate balancing act; it’s worthwhile to do some research and obtain ideas from other effective campaigns.

Make Sure It’s Relevant To Your Business, Product, Or Niche

As previously stated, it’s pointless to choose a hashtag that becomes popular if it can’t be linked to your business, items, or niche. One easy way to accomplish this is to put the product’s description in the hashtags themselves.

Consider It Worth Sharing

You need as much of your paid advertising to be distributed as necessary. Therefore, it must contain simple wording, be easy to recognize and be easy to find. It is good to think about colloquialisms; consequently, you do not develop a hashtag that doesn’t make some sense in different languages.

Connect With TikTok Influencers Immediately

If you’ve already collaborated with influencers on Instagram, it can be enticing to do so again using TikTok. Therefore, there is a reason you might consider collaborating with folks who got their start using TikTok. They won’t demand to get paid as much as renowned Instagram influencers.


Influencers are the most extensive course of followers for users on TikTok. Therefore, using influencers for a great purpose will bring in excellent outcomes.